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The Australian start up scene is getting more popular and hectic in the last few years. There are more ideas and technology innovations coming out from Australia than before. They has been many recent successes from the Australian start up scene like the recent Altasssian ipo launch , giving it a market capitalisation of nearly $6bn as well as many other recent  successful launches like bigcommerce and Freelancer.

While Australia Boast many beautiful beaches , it still has a long way to go as compared to silicon valley and its start-up scene. How ever there are constantly new breakthrough disruptive start ups launching everyday.

Rewardle – The digital coffee card provider

Rewardle is one of the new Australian start-ups on the scene, so what is rewardle. As our title above says, it’s a coffee card provider that makes claiming your coffee points easy with the help of your smartphone.

rewardle logoMany coffee vendors have a traditional scheme of by 9 coffee‘s and get one free,  Rewardle has just made that digital, so you don’t have to carry different cards from different coffee shops. They also go one step further and help the small businesses with email social media and marketing.

They not only cater to Coffee shops now but customers also include cafes, bakeries, bars and florists. The Rewardle app available on iOS and Android uses customers smartphones and merchant POS material featuring QR codes to allow consumers to record and carry their membership data at participating businesses on their phone.



At an initial public offering price of 20¢ a share, Rewardle will offer 20 million shares opening Monday.

share price of rewardle on asx for start up

Founded in September 2011, Rewardle launched its first platform in July 2012. It has since grown to 300,000 members in a network of 1587 merchants that use the system.

How to get Rewardle on your device ?

There is a large population today carrying a smartphone, and it just makes a lot of sense to carry membership and loyalty records in the cloud (smartphone) rather than our wallets and so rewardle was born.

Check out he links below to get Rewardle for your business or on your phone.

Download for your iphone from iTunes store here – Rewardle Itunes store

Android Play store – Get it for your Samsung OR Android phone

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Rewardle

Rewardle Holdings Website – http://www.rewardleholdings.com/ (ASX Price)

Website: http://rewardle.com/

Australia’s biggest startup successes have all been in multi-sided marketplaces – CarSales.com.au, Seek.com.au and RealEstate.com.au all IPO’d circa 2007/08 for a combined market value of around AUD $13 billion.

Some of the recent Australian start up acquired by US companies

http://www.kaggle.com – Platform for data prediction competitions. Took funding, relocated to the US.
http://skitch.com – Fast screen sharing, image editing and capture. Acquired by US based Evernote.
http://trunk.ly – Automated social bookmarking powered by search. Acquired by US based AVOS (Delicious.com).

Some other recent Australian start ups

http://99designs.com – Crowdsourced graphic design

http://envato.com – Online marketplaces

http://flippa.com – Buy and sell websites

http://eatwithme.net – Aus version of Grub with Us

and emerging ones (ShoesofPrey.com, Posse.com, BubbleGumInteractive.com, Pygg.co,Canva.com and others

The following report provides some more insight into Australia’s start up scene and some comparisons with start up communities globally.

Government funding an Grants for start ups

Click here for a better view of the image

Over 4,500 startups are missing out on equity finance each year. The govt is making it easier for start ups , check http://www.innovation.gov.au/investors for more dtails if your start up qualify for concessions and grants.

Grants start up website : http://governmentgrantsaustralia.org/start-up-businesses

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