Top Business Magazines in Australia

Magazine Reading in Australia  does not seem to be a very popular hobby  with many , as one more popular business magazine bites the dust . Fairfax Media  recently announced  that they are closing the print edition of BRW magazine after 32 years,  due to restructuring and a overhaul of its print operations. Fairfax Media […]

Retail duopoly is double trouble for Australia

Wesfarmers and Woolworths together make up around 96% of Australia’s actively trading businesses. Now that’s simply bad news for Australia – for the economy, for us as the customer, and for suppliers to these two giants. A quick look at the two businesses and their brands: Wesfarmers § Retail – Coles, Bi-Lo, Liqourland, Coles express, […]

Small business and Gender ratio balance in Australia

According to statistical reports Australian women participation in the workforce is seen less in the small business sector in comparison to their level of participation in the large corporate and government sector. There i s large emerging  small business and start up sector  with not enough participation from women in  this rapidly growing workforce. Currently […]

Results: Liberals win Australian Elections 2013

The Australian elections 2013  is over  and  as  the new PM has announced  “The country is under new management”. More than 14 million people were registered to vote in Saturday’s election. Voting is compulsory in Australia. The House of Representatives contains 150 seats, 76 are needed for a majority and the coalition ( liberals Tony […]

Australia and Migration statistics

There is always a  big media circus about  boat arrivals via our border, but the major influx of people into the country is mainly through migration  and the population coming through  the other borders( the airports) the boats arrival population  is hardly a drop in the ocean and  the boat arrivals merely stand as a […]

Banking profits rise with job cuts and rate cuts

Australians banks are  recording  massive profits while  also  getting the benefit of rate cuts , and jobs cuts. The Australian banks have increased  their profits to gain rankings in the worlds top  2000 companies list.   According to forbes In total, the Global 2000 companies now account for $38 trillion in revenues (up 6%), $2.43 trillion […]

Australian growth of population and statistics

Australia is the 52nd most populous country in the world. Its population is concentrated mainly in urban areas and is expected to exceed 28 million by 2030 ( In 2010-11, Net Overseas Migration continued to decline since reaching its record high in 2008-09. Preliminary NOM in 2010-11 was estimated at 170,300 persons, which was 13% […]

The Rich list 2013 for Australia

Forbes has just announced their top Australian rich list and  Gina Rinehart again has stole the limelight once again by being on the top spot on Australia’s Rich List. Rank Name 1 Gina Rinehart 2 Ivan Glasenberg 3 Andrew Forrest 4 James Packer 5 Frank Lowy 6 Harry Triguboff Harry Oscar Triguboff AO is an […]

Free business reports for 2013 – 2012

Not all things in life are free , but some of these business reports below are provided for free by various different organisations who have put in t he time to create these detailed reports and make it available for free on the internet. You might find it useful for your business research or projects. […]

Bonds and Hedge funds

Bonds and hedge funds are among the most viable investment opportunities anybody can go for.  It’s possible to generate huge profits through such investments in Australian bonds and investment in specialist hedge funds .  Let’s take a look at each of them one after the other. Bonds Bonds refer to debt instruments usually issued for a period […]