Results: Liberals win Australian Elections 2013

The Australian elections 2013  is over  and  as  the new PM has announced  “The country is under new management”.

More than 14 million people were registered to vote in Saturday’s election. Voting is compulsory in Australia.

tony abbott australia pm 2013

The House of Representatives contains 150 seats, 76 are needed for a majority and the coalition ( liberals Tony Abbot) got  85 seats  with Labor ( KEVIN RUDD) taking 54 seats.

Tony Abbott will be the 28th prime minister of Australia. Outgoing PM Kevin Rudd earlier admitted defeat and said he would not stand again for the Labor leadership.

Billionaire Clive Palmer looks set to enter Parliament with a possible win in the Queensland seat of Fairfax, vacated by retiring Liberal MP Alex Somlyay.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange missed out on a Senate seat in Victoria, where the final place was claimed by Rick Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party.

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